Are you tired of having a photoshoot you aren't obsessed about? By investing in me, you will WIN and SLAY your upcoming session. I too have that grumpy husband and so I have put together a portrait guide to help you prepare everything from clothes, to what to pack, and how to communicate with everyone involved! 

My YELP reviews have a recurrent theme that my sessions are not painful and actually fun and I have experience with children of all ages. Nothing phases me mama, I've been spit on and kicked and its all good!

My session fee is $250, and from there you can purchase a la carte photos or collections. On average, my clients spend $650 as a point of reference. or call me 310-910-1508 to schedule a session our time together.  You can also find me on Instagram  and Facebook for recent photoshoots and a peek inside my motherhood journey

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