About Me

Your children are your pride and joy, and their smiles are something you want etched in your mind forever. You don't feel camera ready, but you know that you need (and deserve to) to be in these photos too. You have way more photos of the kids alone, or with other people, but barely enough of you. 

And, the  thought of asking your husband to join you for family photos, kinda makes you ill, aannnnnd you have not a clue what to wear. 

I hear you, and I feel you.

I am glad you landed here, because I know you can do this. You'll make your family understand why you value photos, and you can pull it all together. You've done your best using your iPhone, but you'll regret seeing another year go by without you in a beautiful image that really tells a story. I hope you know, that I'll help you with every single step and you'll be so glad you didn't put this off any longer. 

My name is Annie Vovan, mother of 2 toddlers that make every day a rainbow, married to a guy I went on a blind date with 7 years ago. Trust me, taking photos sounds like a big ol' headache, but know that it is worth it. I changed careers from once passing out Viagra as a Pharmacist to become a lifestyle photographer in the most saturated market here in Los Angeles,  and all I want to do is to  just want to empower women all.day.long.

My passion is documenting motherhood and I am obsessed with helping women elevate their personal brand. I mean, the future is female, am I right???

To book a painless and dare I say fun session, email me or call me and let's get this done! Beautiful imperfectly perfect photos are waiting for you to take a chance and dive on in.